Quality roofer for quality roofing

Quality roofer for quality roofing

Quality roofer for quality roofing

A roofer is a professional who has mastered the right skills to provide a roof with covering that provides protection against all kinds of weather influences. Good toronto roofing companies ensure that your roof is completely waterproof and snowproof. In addition, it can make your roof non-combustible by using a special material.

A skilled roofer can provide your roof with bitumen, roof tiles, or plastic roofing. In addition, this professional can repair your roof. You may be wondering what type of roofing is best for your own roof. Below we will discuss the types of roofing or continue reading on the page: types of roofing.


It’s not a bad idea to start with the cost. These mainly depend on the material that you have applied to your roof. Below you will find a table with the different options you have, for both pitched and flat roofs. You can also read the service life there, which tells you when your roof may need to be replaced again. The materials are listed from the shortest to the longest life. All prices given are an average and include VAT, materials, and labor costs.

Subsidy roofing

Looking at these prices and after you make a calculation, you will likely end up with a considerable amount of money that you will have to invest in your new roofing material. It would therefore be very helpful if you could use a subsidy to finance these expenses. Unfortunately, there is only a subsidy that you can use for the installation of roofing material.

Pros and cons

So for new roofing, you pay high prices that are not subsidized. Unfortunately, this is an expense that you sometimes have to make, but you may not be sure about it. I, therefore, listed the advantages and disadvantages below for you.


A new roof will significantly improve the exterior of your home. This makes your home easier to sell and it will also become worth more than before.

A number of types of roofing have such a long lifespan that this is the last time you will have to perform this work.


With a new roof you are optimally protected again against external influences. You can also have it impregnated, for even more protection.

If you are going to work on your roof, this is the ideal opportunity to consider additional work, such as having your roof insulated, installing a number of skylights or a dormer window, and choosing a material that you really want likes.


The big disadvantage of having a new roof installed is the costs. You can also do this quite difficult yourself, in connection with safety and experience, to save money. Without a subsidy, the costs are entirely for you.

During the work, the necessary inconvenience will be caused for you and for your neighbors. A thorough roof renovation can sometimes take more than a week and your home will be scaffolded and surrounded by professionals during that time.

Types of roofing

If you have decided to have a new roof installed, this is an exciting affair. You can renovate your home considerably, give it a new look, and adapt it to your own taste and wishes. You do not just choose a new roof, because you can choose from a number of different options.