What is air doctor and what are the types in it?

Air purifier or air doctor are the one which helps to eliminate the unwanted particles or odors in your indoor rooms or in any halls or hotels. There will be a lot of options are available so you might be confused which should buy. Here is a simple air doctor reviews and what are things you need to consider while buying the best purifier.

Air doctor or air purifier will work with the help of fans and combination of filters. The particles from the area will be absorbed by the fan and those unwanted gas or odors will be directed to the filter. There will be a combination of one or more filters. But it won’t be same for all the areas. For small rooms HEPA or activated carbon filter will be enough. But for large halls or hotels you have to choose purifier with Ozone generator filter. Apart from air doctor review you need to consider some of the following things while buying air purifier;

Check the size compatibility. Usually air purifier will occupy only flooring space because it won’t be fit on the wall. So go for compact purifier.

The purifier with HEPA filters will produce more noise compared to other filters. Also based on your operation the noise level may vary. Go for mild noise so that your sleep won’t be affected.

The filter should be certified for free from allergies and asthma. Tough it helps to trap the unwanted gas some filters may lead to some health issues.

Then check the maintenance cost and clean air delivery rate.

Air doctor 5000 air purifier key features:

Based on air doctor air purifier reviews, air doctor 5000 is considered to be a best one. Here are some features of it,

This purifier uses gas trap and VOC filters with double action proprietary system. So it has the power of eliminating wide range of irritation or allergies in your room.

Usually the fan will produce much noise. But it won’t be happened in air doctor 5000 because it uses whisper jet fans. So the noise will be very mild.

There is an option called automatic mode. In case if the air flow is low then it will be on automatically.

At the time of filter replacement it will remain you by showing the indications. After that you can change your filters.

One of the key feature of this purifier is it is designed as a sealed system. So no bacteria or allergens can be escaped from this purifier.

Some filters emit some toxic gases or ozone. That may harm your health. So check the type of filters they are using.

Hope the above features or air doctor air purifier reviews will be useful for buying. Prefer online for buying because you can compare the features and prices. While buying through online check that the customer service will be good. Buy the best air purifiers and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.